Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Spice of Life

I discovered Costco back around 1992. This was also about the time when I started to discover cooking from scratch. So I was thrilled to find giant-sized containers of spices at Costco because they were so much cheaper that the tiny bottles you find at supermarkets. One of my mainstays for dinner was chili. So I bought giant-sized bottles of chili powder and cumin. The question one should ask oneself, however, is just how much cumin can one person use? Perhaps if I was cooking Hispanic dishes on a daily basis, I might be able to go through that giant container in a short period of time. Since I don't cook Hispanic food on a daily basis, and my preparation of chili on an annual basis is now fairly low, I don't use a great deal of cumin. Last weekend, however, I made a crock pot full of carne adovada, and decided to spice it up with a little cumin. That was it! I had finally finished my giant Coscto-sized container of the spice! It had only taken 25 years. So I guess I can't give my Mom too much grief when I go home and find things in the pantry which have been sitting there since from when I was a kid.
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