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The drama in Chama

Well, I had yet another meeting up in Chama, NM. It was AWESOME Spring weather, upper 70's with bright sun. The meeting was the monthly Safety Committee meeting. I volunteered for the position since nobody in our division wanted to do it. It's basically your typical gov't cluster fuck/circle jerk in regards to safety. Basically, I don't G.A.F., as it gets me out of the office one day every other month. I traveled with a motley assortment of other fellow employees; an engineer who is such a man-child it's almost embarrassing (how the F*** does this guy survive in the real world?!?), an Indian secretary who has 3 kids by 3 different fathers, the first when she was 15, and another secretary who lets her 25-year-old daughter sleep with her because the daughter's room is too filled with clothes. I bring up their backgrounds because on the way back home today the subject of my ex-boss came up. Now, I had no love for my ex-boss. She was a lesbian who had a total dislike for anything male. No matter how I tried to warm up to her, I was rebuffed. Add that to the fact that she was clueless and an embarrassment to the division, and I was not sorry to see the door hit her in the ass on the way out. Add that to the fact that she was having a relationship with one of the secretaries in the office. ANYWAY....the subject of her sexuality came up in the car ride home today. I realized that there is a VERY distinct undertone of homophobia running rampant through the office. The one secretary (twice divorced) with the clueless daughter (as well as the drug addicted 14-year-old nephew) had the audacity to say that she thought homosexuality was wrong in the eyes of God. Oh yeah! Your family life is wonderful in the eyes of doG because it's heterosexual. This was agreed to wholeheartedly by the engineer who could barely tie his own shoes unless he received detailed instructions,and the Indian bimbo with the bastard children. Yeah, it was a good trip. That was the ugliness. I'll write about the beauty tomorrow.
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