Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

On the Road Again

I'll be off to Chicago tomorrow to pay a visit to Mom. I haven't seen her in over a year so I thought I would be the dutiful son and see how she's doing. I had thought about Thanksgiving, but Kitty doesn't have any time off and neither of us want to deal with flying at that time of year. So it will just be me and Mesa making the roadtrip. I'm going to try to stick to regular highways and avoid the interstates as much as possible. I REALLY hate I-44 through MO and dealing with all of the trucks on I-40. I suppose I'll grit my teeth on I-55 in Illinois because there you have to deal with every little po-dunk farming town with John Q Law out there trying to make some money. And I always laugh at the little towns of like 1,000 people that feel they need traffic lights. Ooooo! So much traffic! There might be 100 cars today! So this trip will be my in-lieu-of FC trip. Right now there are no travel plans for '18 since this year was kind of a biggie. *shrugs* That'll be OK.
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