Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A Good Day

It was a good day with Mom today. There was a Veterans' Day celebration put on by the town, so Mom went with her friends for a kosher a.k.a. FREE! lunch. Meanwhile I took a walk to Henry's to get a Chicago hot dog and a tamale smothered in chili con carne. When Mom got home we headed off to Costco since I needed gas. She suggested that she wanted to look around so we went in to buy a few things. It was then off to the cemetery. She hadn't been in awhile and with my renewed interest in family history, it seemed like a good idea. We visited the graves of my father, my grandparents, and great grand parents. Mesa came along with us even though dogs are not allowed. WTF is it with Catholics and dogs?!? He had fun chasing geese which are a menace at the cemetery. You think dogs like to shit all over the place?!? OMG! It was then off to a nearby Polish grocery store. Now I can't wait for Thanksgiving! I get to share over 12 types of Polish beer with my homies! Yes, I'm looking at you Al, Dex, and Scritch. I also bought 10 pounds of Polish sausage and a bunch of pierogi. Ethnic overload! And the whole time my Mom is also having a great time. THAT'S what made it all worthwhile! Good times! I need to commission someone to do me a Polish Bear icon.
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