Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A Weekend to be Thankful

I must say that this was one of the best Thanksgiving weekends in some time. It began all the way back on Wednesday when albear and dexter_fox arrived from LA. It used to be a regular thing for them to spend the holiday with us, but since we got 3 cats and Al is highly allergic to them, that put an end to things a few years ago. This year there was good and bad news when scritchwuff lost his cat. It was extremely sad because Dusty was such a great cat, but it then opened up the door for Al and Dex to stay with him if they came out. And that's exactly what happened! So they arrived on Wednesday just in time for Kitty's birthday party which we held at a local Japanese restaurant. We got a great birthday surprise when they brought out a huge sushi boat for her and me and then found out that sushi was half-price on Wednesdays! Oy! Kosher sushi!

Thursday was our traditional T'day dinner. It was the first time in many years that I didn't have to cook the turkey. That honor fell to Scritch who did a tasty bird along with the dressing and potatoes and gravy. We did the cranberries, green bean casserole, bread, yams, and most importantly, the Polish beer. It was a very nice dinner and it was especially great to share it with friends.

Friday was a day of fun. Well, not for Kitty who had to work. But the rest of us headed off to the Museum of Nuclear Science & History. I had been wanting to go there for the longest time and now seemed like the perfect opportunity. We spent hours there looking at all of the exhibits dealing with the development of "the Bomb" which of course had its roots in NM. Outside they had a B-29 and a B-52 bomber along with all sorts of missiles and even the conning tower from a nuclear sub. There was so much to see! It's now definitely on the list of places to take people when they come to visit. It was then time for another great NM tradition, the green chile cheeseburger. After lunch it was back to Furcentral to enjoy near record-breaking temperatures. We all sat on the upper patio enjoying more Polish beer. Once the sun set behind the mesa, I started a fire in the pit. There was lots of drinking and chatting. Al and Dex got treated to a hot-air balloon encounter as several passed very close to the house. They then got treated to an ISS flyover as it crossed the sky to the south. We then headed inside where I cooked up 5 pounds of Polish sausage that I had brought from Chicago. I thought 5 pounds would be too much, but it was so tasty that it all went along with a couple of packages of pirogis.

On Saturday we had a hearty NM breakfast at Weck's, our favorite local chain, where everyone enjoyed more green chile goodness. We said our goodbyes since the boys wanted to be back in LA by Sunday. They had wanted to beat the LA/Las Vegas traffic, but according to a pic Al sent me of I-15, it was only partially successful. But they got safely home and we spent Sunday doing chores and just chilling. I spent several hours playing "Blowin' in the Wind" on the Mexican bagpipes getting the yard leaf-free. Like I said, it was a weekend where I was very thankful for the great people in my life.
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