Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Weekend Stuff

It was just an average weekend which is not a bad thing. We did a lot of shopping on Saturday, mainly picking up the loss-leader stuff like cereal for $1.50 or pork roast for $1/lb. I tried a new recipe for bourbon bacon chicken. Keeper. Also cooked up the other half of the beef brisket Kitty bought on sale awhile back. So now we have leftovers for the week. I also bought a new LED string of lights for the patio at Costco. They had been on sale for $50, but I hesitated and had to spend an extra $10 when the sale expired. They're still really cool and even come with a remote control. So now I can have mood lighting with either white, blue, green, or red lights. Speaking of the patio, it was certainly nice to sit outside. We're experiencing more record-high temperatures which, like I told Kitty, is a mixed blessing. While being to be able to sit outside in December is wonderful, it's wreaking havoc on our snowpack. It's like chocolate cake. It's delicious and you want more, but too much and you get heart disease and diabeetus. We're now 6th worst to date for snow with nothing on the horizon until at least Xmas.

Tis also the season for binge watching. I finished the latest season of "Bojack Horseman" which was pretty dark. I still love the anthro-world in which it takes place. We zoomed through season 2 of "Stranger Things." Good stuff. We also finished up "Transparent" which I guess has now been cancelled due to sexual harassment complaints against Jeffery Tambor. Good riddance. We both felt that the shark has been jumped with the show. We're going to have to find stuff to watch with both Bill Maher and John Oliver off for the rest of the year. Only 1 more episode left of "The Walking Dead." Oh well. At least there's football (if the Bears didn't suck so badly. Thanks, Cleveland, for being worse!)
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