Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

My Terms

I had another "Waitaminute!" moment yesterday. That's when I think I'm doing something wrong but the more I think about it, the less wrong it seems. I usually have these moments at cons when I feel that I should be doing more when I see so many fursuiters frolicking around for hours. Then I think, "Waitaminute! I'm having fun on my own terms!" So my moment yesterday involved Christmas decorations. There are people on the block that go all out, to the point of being ridiculous. Like Clark Griswold ridiculous. I had thought about buying some lights for the top of the new front wall, but I have no non-destructive way to attach lights to stucco. I know I have some old icicle lights somewhere in the garage. Maybe I could hang them from the garage roof. Meh. I have my polar bear inflatable that I usually put out every year. But with the new wall, there's not a lot of room for it. Plus I have a lot of patio now, so anchoring it is an issue. Golly gee whiz! I guess I'm just not in the Christmas spirit. "Waitaminute! Who says you HAVE to put up a lot of decorations to enjoy the season?!? Right now we have a very tasteful wreath mounted to the new front gate which perfectly frames out paw motif. Shouldn't that be enough?!? I strung some lights in the living room which added a Christmasy touch. There. Done. It works for me and that's all that matters.
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