Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Christmas Spirit

Every year about this time Kitty and I have this conversation about getting into the Christmas spirit. It seems that we're both pretty "meh" about it until something suddenly hits and we start to feel it. For me that was last night. I decided I wanted to bake cookies. Kitty would be out of the house all night at choir practice so I would have the place to myself. I needed to get the Furmobile's windshield replaced, so I didn't get home until late. I then had to take Mesa on walkies which, by this time, meant a walk in the dark. It was actually really nice walking so late since I now got to see how everyone had decorated their houses. When I got back home I had to take care of my usual mundane tasks of making my sammich and iced tea for the next day's lunch. Finally it was time to get baking. I loaded up the cd changer with Christmas jazz, turned on my new LED patio lights to flash green and red, poured myself a nice bourbon, and got to work. In no time I had a batch of white chocolate macadamia and a batch of chocolate chip all baked. I even got the massive pile of dishes washed. I was definitely feeling the Christmas spirit. Or maybe it was the bourbon.
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