Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


When we first moved into our current office (which was built new) back in 2003, there was a beer distributor right across the street from us. Within a year they had closed down. The big warehouse building sat vacant for over 10 years. Sometime in 2016 they started rehabing the place. It seems to be an almost never ending remodel. Heck, they built a new 5-story dorm/high tech incubator a couple of blocks away in less time. We had heard it was going to be a tractor museum and perhaps a restaurant. A coffee shop just opened up in one small section of the building earlier in the month. It's a bit odd what they have planned because it's on a side street. There are 2 major streets a block to either direction, but this place is really off the beaten path. I had also noticed that they were doing work on an old brewery building on the site. It has been there for almost 100 years and is a neat old structure. Today the story got a little more interesting. I was going on my lunch walk to see the EB Southwest Chief. I then take a stroll around the block. They have a sign up on the fence saying it is the future home of Glorieta Station. I did a quick search and found just one small piece of information. It will be the future home of a new distillery where they will make Taos Lightning Whiskey. Oh my! A distillery so close! Dangerous! It will also be a restaurant that may even incorporate the old brewery building. This is fantastic news! They're finally developing the east side of downtown! And right outside our doors! I know that many many years ago when ari_foxy was working for an architectural firm, they had big plans for Central Ave (old Route 66) just a couple block away. Perhaps this is just another piece of the puzzle. That 5-story building I mentioned is on the site of an old church where they used to feed the bums every afternoon. So now a nuisance is gone and lots of smart people are moving in. Yay! It'll be very interesting to see what the area is going to look like a year from now.
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