Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Great Kitchen Flood of '17

One reason why my Xmas was pretty "meh" was that I was dealing with a balky ice maker. I opened the freezer door to get some ice and was met by a massive block. I had feared that the door had been left open a jar, everything melted, and then refroze. That would mean a bunch of ruined meat. What I discovered was that the ice was not falling out of the tray. That ice then got covered with more water, most of which fell into the ice bin where it then froze. The ice cubes in the tray were now covered in a layer of ice which prevented them from falling into the bin. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. So I had to get the ice out of the tray. That meant defrosting the freezer. So I took everything out of the refrigerator and let it defrost. Fortunately it was below 32 at night, so I put all of the food outside in ice chests. I defrosted the freezer and got the ice tray working again. Yay! That lasted about 2 days before the problem started again. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. This time I shut off the water to the ice maker so I could cycle the release phase a few times to make sure there was no remnant ice in the tray. Once I had the freezer defrosted again, I made sure that the ice maker was functioning properly. When I was sure that the tray was dry and empty, I turned the water back on. That's when disaster struck. The small valve just above the floor in back of the fridge sheared off in my paw.

Water began spraying everywhere. Kitty was out with a friend, so I was on my own. I threw a few small dish towels at the valve (which were immediately soaked) and ran to the garage to shut off the water. The main shut off valve was stuck, so I grabbed a pipe wrench and tried to get it to shut off. All this time there is water spraying everywhere in the kitchen. I finally managed to get the valve shut off and ran back to the kitchen to find about an inch of water covering the floor. There is still water spraying out of the valve although at a slower rate. Since I have a 2-story house I figured that there was enough pressure still in the pipes to keep the water flowing for some time. I opened up every faucet in the house and outside as well and flushed every toilet. Water was STILL coming out of the valve. I managed to contain the flow into a large bowl which I had to constantly empty. I grabbed every towel I could find in the house and threw them on the floor. I grabbed the phone and called an emergency plumber who had come out the day before to help me fix a stuck garbage disposal (yet ANOTHER reason for a "meh" Xmas). He would be here in an hour. I called Kitty and had her come home to help me. Soon she was home with her friend and we began the cleanup. She found a whole stack of old towels that I had forgotten about. We finally made significant progress in getting the kitchen floor dry. It took about a dozen towels to do it. Thank goodness we saved a bunch of old towels for just such an event! The plumber arrived and got the water shut off at the street. It seems that my valve in the house might not be shutting off all of the way, hence the never ending stream of water from the broken valve. He replaced the broken fridge valve and calm was restored. Yeah, it wasn't cheap, but it was fixed. I'm going to have him back next week to replace the main shut off valve in the garage. Yeah. More ka-ching. But at least it will be a simple on/off valve instead of the POS I have there now. The carpet in the hall leading from the kitchen was also soaked. Fortunately I have a carpet cleaner which I used to suck up most of the water. Yet another reason for a "meh" Xmas was that Mesa had pissed all over the carpet. While I had cleaned up most of it, the wet carpet brought out more urine smell. I took this opportunity to spray an enzyme cleaner which neutralizes urine. The brushes on the carpet cleaner helped get the solution deeper into the carpet. It now smells a whole lot better. Oh the joys of pet and home ownership! I'm looking forward to dinner at Scritch's tonight (he called to invite me just as all hell was breaking loose *lol*) and a party at another furiend tomorrow night. It'll be the first time there hasn't been a party at FurCentral since we had New Years Eve on our Panama cruise. But more relaxing for me!
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