Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Bippity Boppity Fuck

It was definitely a good news/bad news weekend. Let's start with the bad.

I had mentioned the great kitchen flood in an earlier post. One of the "lessons learned" was the need for a good emergency shutoff valve. The one I had was probably as old as the house (32 years) and was a pain in the ass to shut off. So I had contacted the plumbing outfit that had helped me during the flood to come out and replace the valve. One issue was the water heater. It might have to be moved to get workable access to the valve. The plumber that came out said he could probably do it without moving the water heater, but that the water heater itself may have issues. WTF?!? He showed me all of the corroded fittings which suggested that the water heater might be on its way out. WTF?!? It's only 7 years old! He could do a "health check" and replace all of the bad fittings. I agreed. The next red flag popped up when he went to replace the cathodic protection. It's essentially a metal rod of a more reactive metal that supposed to get eaten up during the life of the water heater as opposed to the metal of the heater itself. We use that technology all of the time with our metal gates on our dams. There is a metal rod that sits in the water that gets sacrificed instead of the metal on the gates. Well, the "sacrificial" metal on the water heater looked brand new. That meant it hadn't been doing its job. When they went to pressurize the tank after flushing it and putting on the new fittings, it started to leak. I would need a new water heater. WTF?!? I was quite pissed at this point, but I agreed to have it replaced. They cut open the old one to see what that problem was and there was a nice hole where the metal of the tank had rusted through. It may have lasted a year before failing had they not messed with it or it might have failed the next day. The bottom line was that it was on its way out, so it would have had to have been replaced sooner or later. But only after 7 years?!? Perhaps the company that replaced it in 2010 did a shitty job. It didn't matter. It was out of warranty (Oh! Surprise!) But this, boys and girls, is why you have an emergency fund. The unit was replaced and all was right again with the world.

And now for some good news. We went to see the 2nd of the Broadway shows that will be coming to town. This time it was "Cinderella." I guess the story was that after the Disney movie came out in 1950, Rodgers and Hammerstein were commissioned to bring the story to Broadway with all new songs. So no "Bippity Boppity Boo." The musical wasn't one of their better ones, but it was nice nonetheless. The sets were nice and many kudos go to the costume designers as both Cinderella and her fairy godmother "transform" from rags to beautiful ball gowns right there on stage. Speaking of transformations...the mice transforming into horses was done off stage. There were raccoon and fox puppets that became the footman and the carriage drivers (once again offstage, damnit!). As the clock rang midnight their costumes suddenly developed tails. That was kinda cute. When the actors that played them took their bows, they shook their tails at the audience. The other cute thing about the performance were the number of little girls in the audience who wore their princess dresses. I was about to make a comment to Kitty about perhaps I should have worn my princess dress a.k.a. Princess Loli, but I didn't even get the chance. She knew what was coming and just firmly said "No!" *LOL*
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