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"I am the DJ. I am what I play"

----David Bowie

Last night I had one of my "disc spinning" sessions. I don't DJ like tekfox but rather just string a bunch of songs together like a good radio dj should. This goes back to my college days when my roommate and I along with others from the dorm floor would sit up into the wee hours just playing songs that fit with one another. It's like making a compilation tape without the tape. I usually do it when slightly buzzed because the music seems to flow better. I just crank tunes until I hit a mental dead end or I just get too tired. I received a great compliment from my dj buddy a year ago when he played a set of mine just because the songs sounded great together.

Last night's session was brought about because I had spent all evening out in the yard. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so I replaced a sprinkler that I had smashed in frustration (I smashed another one this morning. damn things). After that I cut up tree branches that I had trimmed the previous day. I then had dinner on the patio with a few glasses of wine. I had the song "Summer Breeze" by Seals & Croft in my head, probably from some stupid Gap commercial. So I break out the vinyl and throw on their greatest hits album. I forgot how good they were. The album finished with "We May Never Pass This Way Again" which got me thinking about another tune. Then another. etc etc. So I spent the rest of the evening drinking wine and playing tunes. What a wonderful night. The playlist follows.

"Friends"-----Elton John
"The Valley Road"----Bruce Hornsby
"Crystal Village"----Pete Yorn
"Sodajerk"----Buffalo Tom
"Things Have Changed"----Bob Dylan
"The Killing Moon"---Echo and the Bunnymen
"How Soon Is Now"---The Smiths
"The Oaf"---Big Wreck
"The New Pollution"----Beck
"Can't Get Enough of You Baby"----Smashmouth
"Short Skirt/Long Jacket"----Cake
"The Bottom Line"---Big Audio Dynamite
"Lawyers, Guns, and Money"----Warren Zevon
"Today"---Smashing Pumpkins
"Superman's Dead"---Our Lady Peace
"Ramble On"---Led Zeppelin
"DJ"---David Bowie
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