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I are hot and wet and happy!

Not to be confused with the Retarded Animal Babies which can be cold and wet and sad.


carol_kitty arrived on Friday night. Her flight was late AGAIN, but we got to the bear den before indicoyote arrived from Socorro. Soon jeil_kitty arrived with Brittany a.k.a. dressingdown. We all piled into our vehicles and headed down to Fuddruckers for a birthday dinner celebration for Jeil. We met emberflowers there with her boyfriend litnapalm. There was much foodage, silliness, and happiness. Since my kitty was in town, I nixed the idea of having an impromptu furmeet at my den, so we all went our respective ways. I opened a bottle of wine and played dj. I now have to burn a cd called "The Carol Mix."

On Saturday morning we cuddled up in our footed pjs and watched "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." I hope to doG that they don't butcher the re-make. That role was so made for Gene Wilder. I know that Jim Carrey can probably pull it off, but it will be like messing with my childhood. Soon after the movie ended, tenax showed up and we went out on the patio and yerfed for awhile. kit_foxy then showed up and we all headed over to Jeil's for some b-day cake. After cake was consumed, the 8 of us (Emberflowers and her mate along with Brittany were also there) then headed over to the Hinkle Family Fun Center for a day of fun. Most of the group wanted to play paintball, but between the cost, the hassle, and the timing, it didn't happen. We then went to play mini-golf. Tenax and I had wanted to fursuit, but furry timing prevented it. The course was teh suck, but it was fun to do it with such a fun group. After golf we hit the bumper boats and proceeded to all get completely soaked from ears to hindpaws. After drying off for a bit, we all headed over to the now famous furry dinner spot of the Ever Green Chinese Buffet. We all stuffed ourselves silly. While leaving, the group decided to get silly and started acting goofy in front of the restaurant. I ran to the Furmobile and put on Abbey's head. I waved to the traffic passing on the street as well as all of the people coming into the restaurant. Tenax then got Ralph's head and the 2 of us did furry theater on the sidewalk. A family with kids was leaving the restaurant and we performed for them for probably close to a half hour. We had all sorts of cars slowing down and honking at us. It was a great time! I'm sure Tenax will post the pics on his LJ. We all said our goodbyes and the party broke up. The Kitty and I broke open another bottle of wine and watched "Jackie Brown."

This morning we watched "Big Fish" and now we're going to watch "Matrix Revolutions."
Tonight is fondue! O.K. Happy Muthah's Day to all of you mofos out there!

Oh, and by the way, here's a link stolen from
cargoweasel for a messed up little video clip which I talked about this weekend. Sissy-boy slap fight!
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