Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

"Rock Dog"

I had the house to myself last night so I thought I would watch a movie. I was scanning through the list of stuff that was available on demand for free (Oy! Kosher!) and I stumbled across "Rock Dog." I think it was mondhasen who posted a trailer clip many moons ago, and it looked nice and furry. So I gave it a shot. At first my heart sank when I saw that it was a Chinese production. They had a few big-named actors to do the English dialogue, so I had some hope. After about the first 15 minutes I was having flashbacks to "Alpha and Omega" which, while quite furry, was an abomination. The animation was also very lacking. If a Disney movie is the state of the art in terms of fur rendition and facial emotion, this was more like the mass-produced Disney Afternoon cartoons. But then the title character goes to the big city, and everything changed for me. It was a poor imitation of the "Zootopia" universe, but it flipped a switch inside my head. I started to really get into the movie. By the end I was emotionally involved. Of course that might have been the whiskey *lol* But I was definitely in full fur faggotry mode. The "big song" for the movie was called "Glorious." I was just about to Google it to see who sang it (it sounded like Imagine Dragons, but it wasn't). My phone surprised me because when I turned on the mic to ask, it asked me if I wanted to identify the song. WTF?!? I clicked "yes" and it told me the song was from the "Rock Dog Soundtrack" (as well as the artist who I had never heard before). Since when did Google get song recognition?!? I always thought that app was cool for Apple, but I never bothered to see if there was something similar for Android. And now I find out that I don't even NEED an app. Plus I mainly listen to XM where it tells me the song name and artist, so why bother.

EDIT: OK. Here's a music video from the movie. See if you don't find it incredibly cute.

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