Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


Several months ago Kitty got a subscription to the Wall Street Journal for something she was doing with a class she was taking. She got it for the online version but I started reading the print version which was delivered to our door. I must say that I truly enjoy print medium. I had thought about subscribing to our local paper, but it is mostly an ad-delivery system with very thin news resources. I was finding the world reporting of the Journal highly informative. Yes, I know it has a right-wing bias with the owner being that piece of shit Murdoch, but then again it's good to hear the "other side" of the story. I have always been a fiscal conservative, so I find that bias pretty much in line with my thinking. Even THEY think Trump is an idiot when it comes to his fiscal policy. Some of the commentary is laughably from the far/alt Right side. The other day there was an op-ed piece by Karl Rove, the master of evil from the Bush Administration. Peggy Noonan also had a wonderful piece about how we are such a violent society because we allow abortion. But I'm sure I would be rolling my eyes just as much if I subscribed to the New York Times and read about how Hip-hop culture is making the world a better place (I just made that up). I told Kitty that I just feel so much more informed about the state of the world now that I have a real news source. Last year when we visited Europe I felt ashamed that I knew so few of the world's leaders. Now I know more about Xi, May, Macron, Abe, Merkel, etc. When I watch the evening news I start yelling "That's not news!" at the screen because most of the time is wasted on stories about autistic children, veterans, and puppies. War in Yemen? What war? And where is Yemen? And of course the Journal has lots of news about our economy. I know many of my friends have no idea about the mysteries of Wall Street. The key is to make it not be a mystery. Perhaps the best advice is "be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful." Know more about driverless cars besides one just killed a person. Are you ready for 5G? Will Amazon really put all brink-and-mortar stores out of business? I'm just soaking up all of this info that is still available in print. I have thought about getting a subscription to The New York Times or the Washington Post to balance things out, but that would double my news input which would almost fill up an entire day! I try to get the same amount of info online, but then I read about the average millennial spending 10 seconds reading a story and they cater to that. It just can't be done! Cnn is horrible for news just as MSN Money is crap for in-depth financial stories. Like that TV commercial says, "Oh no! I'm becoming my parents!"
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