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What The Bear is Watching Now

Yet another post about my latest TV obsessions. Like I said in a post a few months ago, these are nice little snapshots of pop culture for me. I was reading some entries from 2015 and came across an old post like this. It was funny to read about shows no longer in existence or that have somewhat faded from memory.

"Aggretsuko" - Netflix - I just discovered this the other day. It had tons of furry potential so I gave it a shot. I was instantly hooked. I'm not a fan of anime, but this worked for me. We have been watching the dubbed version which I hear might be a little better than the subtitled version. *shrugs* I'm not weeaboo enough to care. Here's a sample:

"Counterpart" - Starz - I'm a huge fan of J.K. Simmons (the Farmers Insurance guy) and heard he does a great job playing 2 roles in the same show. The plot revolves around a secret gateway between 2 dimensions where there are 2 almost identical realities. They could be similar to the way there used to be an East Germany and a West Germany. So the story revolves around diplomatic relations between the 2 realities and how the 2 Simmons characters interact with each other as each becomes more like his double.

"Silicon Valley" - HBO - The latest season just ended this weekend. It's probably one of the best comedies on TV right now. The show follows the ups and downs of a high-tech startup with a cast of unforgettable characters (the lead is Thomas Middleditch a.k.a. the new Verizon guy) When you have Mike Judge at the helm, the guy who brought us "Office Space" and "Idiocracy", you know the comic writing will be good.

"The Handmaid's Tale" - Hulu - I wrote about this show last year and how it will be another game-changer in terms of bringing quality TV to a non-network platform like Netflix did with its original programming. Season 2 just started, and they're rolling out episodes weekly as opposed to a full-season dump. The story continues of the dystopian future where only a few women can produce children, and they are farmed out to the religious elite. Think Christian Taliban or the United States of Jesus.

"Westworld" - HBO - I jumped on the bandwagon for this show right from the start. I remember the original movie when it came out starring Yul Brenner as the killer robot cowboy. With some shows the production values may be low at the beginning because the producers are not sure if it will be a hit. "Game of Thrones" was this way. Once the show built up a following, the budgets got bigger and bigger. This show was predicted to be a hit, so production values were high from the start including having Anthony Hopkins in a lead role. They also included elements for fanboys such as the player piano that played modern rock tunes like "Black Hole Sun" or Radiohead's "No Surprises." This season seems to be more straightforward sci-fi. Ed Harris is still around (thank doG, since he is the most interesting character) but Hannibal is gone. It's still a fun show to watch, but the magic seems to be waning as it starts taking itself too seriously.

"Bosch" - Amazon - I discovered this series a few years ago and then got sucked into the detective series by author Michael Connelly. Season 4 just started. Each season has borrowed from at least 2 novels. I have noticed that to keep fans of the books interested, they have mixed up some of the stories so there might be a different bad guy. What I find interesting in the books and the show is that they all take place in LA. (Oh! That's LA!) When I walked around downtown with albear last year, I was noticing landmarks mentioned in the books (like the giant mural of Anthony Quinn). This season's murder happens at the Angels' Flight funicular. The detectives walk down some stairs to get to the street. I was like "Hey! Al and I walked down those stairs last year!" I knew from reading the book that the dead guy's office was at the Bradbury building. They were faithful to that plot point as well. Before they mentioned it I knew exactly where it was because there's a Carl's Jr across the street. I'll have to explore more Bosch locales the next time I visit.

"Lost in Space" - Netflix - I decided to give the reboot a shot. As a kid I LOVED the original. It is one of the campy joys of my youth. The movie made me want to barf. Not even Gary Oldman could save the horrible plot. I read a review of the new series which pretty much said..."meh." I have to agree. I was cringing during the 1st episode from all of the stupid science. I took a deep breath and plunged on to episode 2. The stupidity subsided somewhat to the point where I could appreciate some of the character development. Dr Smith is now a woman played by Parker Posey. The review said she was the best part of the new show and I have to agree. She's definitely more Gary Oldman than Johnathan Harris in terms of being a sneaky pathological liar. I'll finish out the season since I have already invested the time to get me through this far. Maybe if I were 8-10 years old like when I discovered the original I would think it's really cool.

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