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I Fought the Law...

As I feared, today's day in court was nothing more than to set a date for a real hearing. D'oh! Why plead not guilty just so you can go in to plead not guilty again. Grrrrrr. Knowing my luck they'll schedule a date for the week of AC. Oh well. My clean driving record must be defended! In it for a it for a pound.

Had a very nice night yesterday. I was in a good karma zone. All was at peace. I was pleasnatly surprised by a chat request from a lurker that had been reading my posts. We chatted for hours. I like being a big friendly bear. So all of you lurkers out there...give me a shout. I also found out that my dear furiend mrcougar has been prowling around my posts. Very cool! Just don't spray!! ;P

Another big hug to cnipur for getting me interested in this LJ thing. He said it was a great way to meet folks, and he was right. It makes me a happy bear!

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