Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


After my traveling last weekend it was nice to spend a weekend doing almost nothing. I never left the house except to go for walkies. And on my walkies on Saturday I just had the most wonderful feeling of well-being. I was just content with life in general. It was a beautiful day and it seemed as if I had no worries. Perhaps I was still happy from an impromptu meeting with a furiend who we hadn't seen in some time who happened to be in town. We went out to dinner Friday night and just talked about all kinds of stuff. What I found interesting was that he is a young fur who joined the fandom not too long after I did. And even though we have a large age difference between us, he too is getting burned out by all of the drama that seems to be swirling around. So it may not be a grumpy old bear thing after all. The other good news from the weekend was that we got another good dose of rain. There have been hints of an early onset to monsoon season and maybe there is something to it. The radar suggested we might get some violent storms, but that seemed to pass more to our south. It was still a nice shower. I went to check on the garden and it seems to be doing OK. I harvested my first crop! I picked a radish which was mighty tasty. It had a wonderful spicy aftertaste. I have also noticed a few small tomatoes already starting to form. Yay! The only other thing we did this weekend is watch "Coco." It deservedly won Best Animated Feature this year. The animation was unbelievable and the story was extremely touching. Pepita, the flying jaguar spirit animal painted like a Oaxacan figurine was murrilicious. Now I wanna see a fursuit!
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