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Raccoons, Rocks, and Things Risque

Well, my raccoon overzen arrived here on Wed. afternoon. There was a little bit of snuggling before we went to dinner at a nice seafood place. Instead of smacking someone with a trout, I ate it instead. zen enjoyed shrimp. After sufficiently stuffing ourselves we returned to the den where we retired for a night of snuggles. If you read zen's journal, I got a little feisty and left an enormous hickey on his neck. Ooops! We spent a very lazy Thur morning just yerfing on the patio. We watched "Treasure Planet" which wasn't half bad. We talked about movies, so we eventually made it over to Hastings books/music/movies to see what they had on sale. I wanted "Blazing Saddles", but they didn't have it. Instead I picked up "Animal House:The Double Secret Probation Edition." zen never cared for the flick, so I'll have to watch it with my friends with better taste. zen picked up "Sinbad" (no, it has nothing to do with a black comedian). We picked up a rotisserie chicken at the nearby supermarket and I baked a pan of green chili cornbread. By the time everything was consumed and the dishes put away, it was already too late to watch a movie, so we ended up just snuggling.

Today we got another late start (why get out of bed? *grins* We watched "Sinbad" after we cooked up a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs and hashbrowns. We debated about going for a hike, and finally we headed out the door with Anubis to a nice hunk of public land about 40 miles northwest of here. I had discovered it a few years ago and it is one of my favorite spots to do geologic photography. The rocks are ash deposits from the Valle Caldera, one of the largest volcanic eruptions ever. We hiked around for about an hour and then returned home. We then headed out to Gardunos for a nice Mexican dinner.

Here are a couple of photos from today's outing.

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