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Set {weekend}=FURRY OVERLOAD!

I had an awesome time this weekend. Waaaaaay too much furry goodness!

But first, I just realized that I have just passed an anniversary. It has been just over a year since I started this LJ thingy. Many thanks to cnipur who talked me into getting one of these things and emberflowers for getting me the account. *muchos hugs*

Fursuiting on Saturday was tremendous! I suited as Zunipup for Animal Humane that had a display set up for the Nob Hill Pet Parade. Nob Hill is an old shopping district on old Route 66 that is now kinda trendy. I suited up just before 11 and hung out at the Animal Humane display for a little bit. I was extremely happy that I finally had a handler, my sweetie overzen, who took pics and lead me around. I had originally planned to put him on a leash and walk him in the parade, but things didn't work out. We went to the start of the parade and decided to just hang out there and meet all of the folks as they walked by. The reactions of the dogs was pretty typical. Some were curious, some afraid. Some could care less, and one golden retriever almost took my head off by trying to get his muzzle under my chin to lick my face. I thought I might get mounted for a second. I posed for pictures with folks and passed out and received a lot of hugs. I got down on the ground and posed for a pic with a golden retriever puppy that was soooooo kyoote it looked almost like a plushie. While on the ground I was pounced by a group of girls who gave me tummy rubs until my leg twitched.


Zunipup's adoring fans

Hey!  Are these for anybody?

Ahhh!  Love that breeze!

Not now, sweetie!  People are watching!

I LOVE bellyrubs!

Say it all at once...AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

I suited until 12:30. It was quite warm in the sun, but very comfortable in the shade with the breeze blowing. We decided to head across the street to Kelly's Brewpub for lunch. I realized that furrysparkles only lived about 3 blocks away, so I called him to join us. He had just placed an order at a nearby fast food joint, so he told them to screw it, he was gonna get beer! After lunch we headed over to his place where we watched "Office Space." I was called by tenax who was heading up with skitzycat to attend the evening's furmeet. They diverted slightly and joined us for the end of the movie. All but Sparki then headed over to my den which was the meeting point for indicoyote's graduation party.

There were already a few furs waiting for us when we arrived back home. After regrouping, we all headed over to the Ever Green Chinese Buffet (Yes! Again!) Matt said he had to try it before he left town. So in addition to myself, zen, Tenax, Skitzy, and Matt, were emberflowers, litnapalm, jeil_kitty, ari_foxy, kit_foxy, Nightrider, and Seagraves. Tenax and I wore tails, and Skitzy wore ears. They love us there. After dinner the party migrated back to my den where the evening was filled with South Park and weird computer stuff. O.K. I saw the Bananaphone/Badger clip last week thanks to cerulean_hybrid. If you listen to that too many times, This is what happens to you
The party eventually broke up and everyone took off except for indicoyote who spent the night.

Sunday morning my sweetie had to take off early for his arduous drive back to Salt Lake City. Matt and I sat on the patio and yerfed about his future and how I will miss his presence in the NM_Furry group. He told me that he wanted a small carved coyote fetish, so I took him to Old Town where I knew the best shops were. We spent a lovely few hours walking around and visiting several shops. He found 2 that he liked and bought them. I finally broke down and bought the 2 raccoon fetishes that I had had my eye on for months. I then treated Matt to his last supper *chuckles* at Garcia's.

After saying my goodbyes to Matt I headed back over to Sparki's since he invited me over for beer and foodage. We sat outside with his roomie, his roomie's girlfriend, and a couple of other friends drinking beer and margaritas, narfing down food, and playing Munchkin and Bang. It was a fun time.

Just as I was leaving I get a call from Red Fox who was heading down I-40 from LA and wanted to know if I wanted to hook up for a meet. I said, "why not" and met him at the local truck stop. I invited him over to my den and we yerfed until the wee hours. He crashed at the den and I drove him back to his rig this morning. And now I'm coming down off of my furry high. *phew* Quite the weekend!
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