Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
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Shirley Temple's Pussy

OK, albear, you can stop laughing now. *lol*

So Kitty and I saw them in concert yesterday. Well...they had to change their name because they were told they would not get any airplay with a name like that. So they changed their name. They really liked the initials S-T-P, so they chose Stone Temple Pilots. Several months ago I saw that they would be appearing at our local concert arena along with Bush and The Cult. I checked on tickets and saw that they were fairly reasonable and good seats were available. This was also at the time when I started adopting my, "Fuck it! Gather experiences!" phase. So I didn't think about the ass raping that Ticketmaster is famous for and bought tickets. Afterwards I started thinking that it was odd that so many good seats were still available. I thought STP would be a huge draw. It was then that I remembered that their lead singer had offed himself in 2015. They adopted a new lead singer who also sang for Linkin Park. He then offed himself last year. Talk about bad luck. But the other original band members were still touring with a new lead singer.

I must say that I was a late fan of the group. They came out at the perfect time in my life when music had a big influence. I enjoyed the music of the Grunge Era, but I couldn't identify with the "lifesytle." I was not an angry disenfranchised youth who adopted the slogan "Whatever." I was an up and coming science professional who looked forward to a middle-class lifestyle. But I did enjoy the music. I was living in Washington when Nirvana broke through. I even wrote a letter to the local rock station and told them to stop playing the same old tired shit over and over and over. There was a vibrant music scene 100 miles to the west. Play more Pearl Jam and Screaming Trees! One band I did like was Bush. Perhaps it was because the hardcore grunge fans saw them as posers from England. But I liked their music. I had little knowledge of The Cult before a few years ago when I started listening to Lithium on Sirius XM.

So we went to the concert which was a totally different experience than last month when we saw The Dead. Parking was a breeze. Getting in and through security was a breeze. We easily found our seats which were almost dead center. The crowd was sparse as the opening act, Bones U.K. performed a short set. They were 2 spunky chicks from London who really rocked. Then came S.T.P. Damn! It felt awesome seeing them performing songs that we have been hearing on the radio all the time (on Lithium). They did about an hour-long set. Next came Bush which also rocked the house. Once again, we have been hearing their songs since forever and we were finally hearing them live. Finally The Cult performed and even though we only knew a couple of songs, it was a great performance. I had to laugh that it took about 30 years for me to finally see a real ROCK concert. And once again we fit right in because the groups hit their peaks 25 years ago, which put the age group of their fan/listeners who would really appreciate them at around 45-55.
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