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"Willy hears ya. Willy don't care"

It's time again for the bear to run on empty for awhile. My altruistic sense and sense of unconditional love for my friends and acquaintances is at a low. So if I act curt or uncaring, it's just because I'm in a little trough. It shouldn't take a lot to pull me up. Just this morning I was pounced by greytail who brightened my day with just a brief chat.

Last night I tried to get a garden planted but was interrupted by dexter_fox who told me that carol_kitty had been in yet another car wreck. I called her up and she was understandably very shaken. I tried to calm her down in my usual papabear fashion. After I hung up with her I had this feeling like I just didn't care anymore. This was a major "WTF moment" since here is one of my dearest friends in a time of need, and I just wanted to turn off the phone and crawl into a martini.

Later in the evening when I was looking through LJ, I noticed someone had unfriended me and essentially said goodbye to LJ. My response mentally was "don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out." I typed a very brief reply and went on my way. It bugged me since that's not who I am or who I want to be, but it reflects my current state of mind. I went through this several months ago. My batteries are empty. They just need a recharge. And as I saw this morning, just a few nice words with friends help charge me up. This is NOT a pity troll to get you all to write comments. Please don't feel like you have to say something. Those "please hug me" posts piss me off. There, see. Mr. Non-caring bear. If people feel they need a hug, then they should be given one if it helps. Gah! *tail chase* I had better stop while I'm ahead. My paw has been in my maw enough already.

BTW, I did get my garden planted. Outside of the peppers and tomatoes I really wanted to grow, I threw in some old corn, bean, carrot, and cucumber seeds that I had laying around. I really don't care if they come up or not. It's just nice to grow stuff.
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