Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Cicero Update

Things have been going pretty well here in IL. The cold front has finally blown through, so temps have dropped from the 80's to the 50's. There was quite a bit of rain yesterday and the basement flooded a little bit. Everything seemed to be back to normal by this morning. I normally go to Henry's Hot Dogs on every visit, but this time I thought I would try Portillo's, another Chicago legend. My impression...meh. Maybe I'll go to Henry's tomorrow. In memory of quasiskunk I decided to check out Buona Beef. He would frequently post about furries heading to "Boner Beef" after furmeets. I lived here for so long and never went. So now I have gone. My impression...tasty! I will now add it to my list of "must go places" when I visit Mom. I've gone trainspotting a few times so far. It gets me out and on walkies. I took Mom to a supermarket today that has quite a few Polish products. I found some pickled beets with horseradish. Mom was reading the label and noticed that they are from the small town where her mother grew up. They had better be tasty! So that's it for now. Just a couple more days until I'mback home.
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