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Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I had planned on spending last night hanging out at home, but in the afternoon my buddy and co-worker Gary stopped by and asked if I wanted to go see the Albuquerque Isotopes play. The 'Topes are the AAA club for the Florida Marlins, and yes, they are named after the episode from the Simpsons. I hadn't been to a game for a couple of years and not since they remodeled the stadium and the Dukes were replaced by the Topes. But you know me, I REALLY just wanted to see Orbit the mascot perform in his home environment. I had watched him perform last month while I was also in suit and I was not impressed at all with his performance.

The weather was absolutely PERFECT! A light breeze and temps in the upper 70's. We had great seats just past 3rd base. And where else other than ABQ are the condiments for hot dogs; mustard, ketchup, relish and green chili! It was a great game. The Topes kicked major butt over Las Vegas. And Las Vegas has to have the most lame name of a sports team EVER! The 51's?!?!? They named a team for Area 51. *facepaws* Of all the things you could think of when you think of Las Vegas, you think of a secret military base?!?

And Orbit was teh lame. He only came out between innings and sometimes not even then. He FINALLY started doing a fairly decent routine after the 7th inning. And that was really the only time there was any close interaction with the fans. During one between inning break, they had a kid race Orbit around the bases. The kid was just about to pass Orbit when Orbit bumped the kid and sent him sprawling. It was funny as shit, but a mascot taking out a 5-year-old is not a cool thing. And if it was deliberate on Orbit's part, he needs a smacking. I probably pissed off the folks that were sitting in front of us because I kept critiquing the performance and saying that I could dance rings around him. It spurred me on to get a resume' put together of all of my performances and send it to the front office.
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