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The Kitty Snuggles Mix

I promised carol_kitty that I would post the playlist from a mix I just burned for her. Call it a soundtrack for snuggling with a friend on the sofa while drinking wine.

Opera Singer-Cake
Closing Time-Semisonic
Your Body is a Wonderland-John Mayer
Push-Matchbox 20
Strange Condition-Pete Yorn
Sweet Surrender-Sarah McLachlan
Taxi Ride-Tori Amos
She Cries Your Name-Beth Orton
A Long December-Counting Crows
IGY-Donald Fagan
Spanish Dancer-Steve Winwood
Boogie on Reggae Woman-Stevie Wonder
The Last Mall-Steely Dan
Mockingbirds-Grant Lee Buffalo
Sweetness Follows-REM

I suppose I could have also included Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" but it was too long.
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