Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Murry Christmas!

I had been meaning to post for a few days now, but I have also not wanted to go anywhere near teh Interwebs. The holiday festivities started on Friday when I celebrated the solstice with the 3 B's; buddy, bourbon, bonfire. scritchwuff showed up on Friday night along with one of Kitty's friends and we celebrated the changing of the seasons with tacos. Scritch and I then went up to the upper patio where we lit a fire in the firepit and then got ourselves lit with some tasty bourbon. ( I guess I could add a 4th "B"; boracho)

On Saturday Kitty and I went to Costco to check on the price of prime rib. A few years ago I splurged on a true prime rib. It was delicious. Last year I just bought a standing rib roast and it was OK. I was going to buy a choice cut of prime rib, but then I saw how beautifully marbled the meat was on the "prime" that I once again splurged on a $70 hunk of meat. It'll go in the oven shortly for a nice slow roast.

Yesterday was another tradition upheld with fursuiting on the Plaza. We learned our lesson from last year and got there nice and early so we could find parking. I hit the Plaza as Santa Bear and it was a repeat of holidays past. I posed for dozens of pics. I was hit with both young and old. The best folks are the ones with some "Christmas cheer" inside of them. Nothing like adults acting like kids (like a guy pretending to be a bear.) We were just about to leave when Kitty noticed a news crew. We hung out for a little longer. On the evening news they interviewed a woman who was so happy for the Christmas Eve celebration on the Plaza. "It's so wonderful with the luminaria, the tree, and Santa Dog!" That's when the camera cut to me. Santa Dog? Really?!? *shrugs* It's understandable. Nevada frequently gets mistaken for a dog or wolf. Then it was time to head home for another tradition; "It's a Wonderful Life." The big news was that Kitty actually stayed awake for the entire movie! This morning it was time for another tradition; watching "A Christmas Story" in a pink bunny sleeper. I wish I had an Aunt Clara! So now it's off to cook the roast beast. Fleas Navidog!

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