Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

New Moon on Monday

Nope. Not a Duran Duran post. Last Friday I was getting ready to drive to work when I noticed the morning sky. The sky was crystal clear with Jupiter and Venus dominating the sky with most of the other stars washed out by the impending sunrise. And off toward the horizon I spotted the slender crescent of the Moon. It was so lovely! Just a sliver of light and the faint outline of the rest of the disk. I checked my calendar when I got home later and saw that the new moon was on Saturday. I actually thought about getting up and seeing if I could spot it just before sunrise since it was also almost in occultation with Saturn. Alas, a warm bed on a weekend won out. Yesterday I was on walkies just after sunset. The skies were once again fairly clear with just some high whispy clouds. And there to the west following just behind the setting sun was my old friend the Moon again, once again just a sliver of light and the barely-lit disk. I know I had read or heard years ago that this is a whole "thing" for people, trying to spot the moon as soon before or as soon after the true new moon. *shrugs* To me it's just a delight to behold.
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