Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Capitol Steps

I need to go to my LJ Archive to find out when the last time we saw the political comedy troupe "The Capitol Steps", but we both kinda remember that it was during the time of Shrubya, so more than 10 years?!? Perhaps it's just due to the shift in media, but I recalled that they were a lot more "popular" or well-known back then. The one thing that hasn't changed is their biting satirical wit that lampooned all things Washington. Of course they could have done an entire show about Trump since that in itself is a comedy shitshow. But to maintain political neutrality they also lampooned Hillary, Obama, Warren, and Sanders. They also took on current issues such as device addiction and The Wall. Only a couple of us got the "Deliverance" reference when they said Michael Cohen was squealing louder than Ned Beatty. This was one of the few non-Broadway shows that Kitty and I will be seeing.

EDIT: Finally got into the old LJ archive and it was indeed more than 10 years ago since we saw them last. It was February of 2007.
Tags: popejoy
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