Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Tax Time - Pt 2

So perhaps I spoke too soon when I said this year's taxes seemed to go pretty effortlessly. Not long after I submitted my forms electronically I got a message that the return was rejected. I quickly figured out that I had transposed 2 numbers of Kitty's SSN#. OK. Good. I'm glad it caught that. I resubmitted. I once again got a notice that it had been rejected. Here's where the system is full of fail. It sends me the code line that triggered an error. So I have to interpret what {(AmtWhld-Tbl3)+(AmtWhldFrm8636Ln3)=Ln61040} means. That's purely fictions, but you get the idea. The program is doing some math and if it finds 2 numbers not matching, it rejects your return. It should just tell you, "The withholding amount in Table 3 plus the withholding amount on line 3 of Form 8636 does not match number on line 6 of Form 1040." So you have to slog through various forms to fix the errors. I'm still working on it. It just infuriates me because the math is not all that hard and I don't have a lot of complications, but they want all of the "i"s dotted and "t"s crossed. If all else fails I will just print out the forms and mail them in as is. Let them do the corrections for me.

EDIT: OK. I found out that you can cut and paste the cryptic message into an IRS search engine and it will translate the gobbledygook into readable English. I'm still sort of chasing my tail (hard to do when you're a bear) because it says to just enter a number (which I did) but then it generates an error. I'm getting close to that "just mail it in" moment.

EDIT 2: OK. My claws are crossed that I finally figured it out. Yes, it's typical IRS bullshit. What I did was A+B+C=D. What they wanted me to show was (A+B)+C=D. The answer is still "D", but you have to jump through their hoops to get there. *facepaws*
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