Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Water Fight

Just over a month ago I made a post about my battle with our drinking fountain at work. Since I was usually the first person to use it in the morning, I was "responsible" for "priming the pump." I would wait for 2 minutes before it eventually kicked in and gave me water. People after me would never know that it was a balky system. After my post I decided to end the frustration and just get my water from a sink in a conference room. The water wasn't as cold, but I got a drink immediately. It seems that since I was no longer the one getting the fountain working every day, more impatient folks were the first to get a drink. Within a week someone had almost ripped the thing off the wall in frustration. I laughed. Our building manager advised us that it was not proper to damage the fixtures. I sent a snarky message back to her saying that none of this would have happened if she had just listened to my complaint months earlier. I went to the drinking fountain the other day and surprise surprise! It was working just fine now! The silver lining is also that we'll be getting a new fountain with a bottle-filling station. Yay! Progress!
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