Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

"Shrek: The Musical"

March datenight madness continues! On Saturday we started the evening with sushi at one of our favorite places downtown followed by a performance of the title in the subject line. This time it was not a travelling professional production but a local amateur one. If we didn't have the large university theater we would probably be more involved with the small local one. They must be doing something right since they will be celebrating 90 years in ABQ. The reason we attended was because one of our local furry friends scored a major role. We had seen him a few months back in "The Full Monty" and now he was performing as Lord Farquaad. Kitty had heard that he stole the show from Shrek and Fiona, and boy did he! He was fantastic! And to have the illusion of the lord being so short, he did the entire performance on his knees with little dangling fake legs hanging in front of his chest. It was hysterical! They even had a life-sized dragon puppet head with an actress singing in front of it while the puppeteer moved the mouth in sync. So it was another great evening out. Next weekend will be even more fun because we have a two-fer going on. More about that next Monday!
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