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Supersized Date Night

It seems that our new modus operandi for our social calendar is to subscribe for the Broadway series where we see the traveling musicals, and then tack on a few extras that are offered. The extras can include dance troupes, Chinese acrobats, Mariachi Christmas specials, etc. Then we fill in the rest with concerts as they pop up at various venues like Indian casinos. Before you know it we have a full year of fun experiences. One of the extras we included was something called "Piano Battle" where 2 pianists do various classical and pop tunes and the audience gets to decide who puts on the better show. That sounded kinda fun. Several months ago I posted that I had scored tickets to Death Cab For Cutie, a pop/rock band that I have been following for about 15 years. They were one of my first discoveries when I started subscribing to satellite radio. Over the years I have downloaded many of their songs so I was more than just a casual listener. The problem happened when I booked the Death Cab tickets without checking the calendar. We now had that show AND Piano Battle on the same day. But Fate smiled upon us and Piano Battle was a matinee performance while Death Cab was in the evening. We could see both! It would just be a long friggin day.

Piano Battle was a lot of fun. The 2 pianists were German and their humor was a little stiff/forced (IMHO), but what they lacked in yucks they made up for in their playing. They performed Debussy and Rachmaninoff as well as Star Wars. Overall it was a fun performance. We then had a few hours to kill before the concert, so we did a little shopping and had a romantic dinner of chili cheese fries and a strawberry milkshake. It was then off to the Convention Center to see Death Cab. Their opening act was "My Brightest Diamond" whom I have never heard of, but the lead singer had a set of pipes that rattle the rafters. She reminded us of Evanescence. Finally Death Cab came out and did a solid 2-hour set. Fortunately we had been listening to their latest release online in the weeks leading up to the show, so we were familiar with a lot of the new stuff they played. But it felt so good hearing all of their "hits" that I have been hearing for the past 15 years. It seems like most of the acts we have been seeing are "has beens" who had their moment 20-30 years ago. These guys are still hot as the younger audience can attest to. At the Grateful Dead concert last year we actually felt young. Here we were surrounded by millennials. But it was all good. The soundtrack of your life doesn't stop at 40 or 50.
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