Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Getting My Claws Dirty

I normally wait until the 1st weekend of May (or even Mothers' Day) to plant my garden, but this year I decided to get a jump on things. We hit the nursery on Saturday where I picked up 12 green chile plants, 12 poblano chiles, 7 tomatoes, and a cluster of onion seedlings. I spent yesterday planting all of that. It took some time since I also had to re-establish my stepping stone paths through the garden. I'm also largely abandoning my little garden where I have planted for the past 15 years. It's just a pain in the ass to get up there and the weeds/grass just take over by July. I might just plant cucumbers up there and let them go wild. I still have to plant carrots, beans, and radishes. I know I should have planted those first a few weeks ago, but oh well. What's kind of funny is that I have "wild" lettuce growing all over the garden. I planted some last year and got a few harvests, but then I just let it go to seed. Obviously it liked the location because whether I want it or not, I have a lettuce crop coming in.

In other plant news I have a tree update. As I had feared the one night that fell below freezing in late March killed the apricot crop. I had dozens of little green fuzzy balls for a short period of time but then they all disappeared. The nectarine tree which I posted a pic of either here or on Stupidbook which was in full flower looks like it will be a prolific producer this year! The same can be said for its cousin the peach tree. I could also see a fairly good apple crop as well, judging from fruit that looks to be forming. The cherry tree is a little disappointing, but it's only its second year, so I'll cut it some slack. At least it flowered this year. I hunted for fruit and found 1.
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