Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

What The Bear Is Watching

Another bookmark in my media life

"Love, Death, and Robots" - Netflix - I almost binged the entire 1st season in 2 sittings. It actually took a few more after I got distracted. I love short animation and this is the animation equivalent of "Black Mirror." Lots of cool new styles and new storytelling. One episode included a kitsune and one included a werewolf soldier in Afghanistan. Furry points!

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" - This show has been on HBO since the early 2000's, but I have only discovered it recently. There's an Internet meme going around where someone does something stupid, and then they play the closing credits from the show. It's the updated version of "Keyboard Cat Plays Him Off." The show is very Seinfeld-esque mainly because Larry Sanders wrote most of the episodes of "Seinfeld."
And that's the premise of the show. He made a ton of money off of "Seinfeld" so now he lives as a neurotic Jew writer in LA. 5 seasons down...5 to go!

"Killing Eve" - BBC America - We discovered this show last year and fell in love with it. Sandra Oh won an Emmy for her portrayal of a British MI6 analyst who gets targeted for love and death by a psychotic Russian assassin.

"American Gods" - Starz - I wrote about this show in my last LJ installment a couple of months ago. The jury was still out as I made my way through Season 1. Now I'm at the end of Season 2 and I think I will call it quits. Just throwing a bunch of weird shit together doesn't necessarily make for good television.

"Barry" - HBO - A hitman wants to give up his life to become an actor. I'm a little lukewarm on the show. I like it but I don't necessarily love it. I'll see how I feel once I get to the end of Season 2.

"Billions" - Showtime - I've written about this show in the past and am still loving it. It's probably my favorite show at the moment. It gives me an inside look into how the 1% live and how fucked up it is as everyone tries to screw everyone else.

"The Chi" - Showtime - Another show I've already written about. A show about the lives of black folk on the south (west) side of Chicago. The acting is good and it's the antithesis of "Billions" in seeing how the bottom 1% live.

And of course there is "Game of Thrones." 'Nuff said.
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