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It was a mid-week date night as we went to see the furriest musical on Broadway. OK. I forgot about "The Lion King." But "Cats" led the way. I saw it back in the 80's when it was still THE thing; the"Hamilton" of its day. I had to check the good ol' LJ archives to remember that it was 2005 when I saw it last here in ABQ. I was still in my "furry high" phase and so I just HAD to see it. I must say that I really enjoyed this particular performance. It seemed that in the previous shows the costumes were a little more stylized. They still are, but full-body cat-print spandex is to die for! I was especially happy to see Old Deuteronomy come out in almost a full open-faced fursuit. All he needed was some big paws. I know that the musical is pretty nonsensical, but I just shut off that logical side of the brain and enjoyed the singing and dancing. And the dancers were superb.

All through the performance I kept thinking about the last season of "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt." Struggling artist Titus goes to see "Cats" and thinks he could do it. Everything looks all made up! So he dresses up in an outrageous furry costume and joins the actors on stage when they run out into the audience (which they DID do doing our performance). Soon he's up on stage singing and dancing with the cast. It's revealed to him after the show that all of the actors got there the same way. There WAS no plot or lyrics. Everyone just made shit up. That was the beauty of "Cats."
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