Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Visit to Mom's

I'm back in Cicero for a few days for my annual visit to Mom's. I left ABQ on Sunday, a day later than usual since I had to attend Kitty's concert on Saturday. The drive was uneventful to Abeline, KS where I rolled in with plenty of time to grab some food and hunker down in my hotel room for the "GoT" finale.

The next day I followed my preferred route through Atchison, KS knowing the bridge over the Missouri River was open again. At one point the westbound lane was now a makeshift levee to at least keep the road open with one lane controlled by a temporary traffic light. Yay! Flooding! I then tried a new route which would closely follow a direct line between ABQ and CHI. That was a failure. I ended up on a state highway that was narrow with lots of hills and curves. That wouldn't be bad, but I ended up behind a truck. I have no idea why there were so many trucks on this little highway since there were no major industries. Stay on the damn interstates! Then there was construction. Oy! I finally rolled into home a little after 6.

So I'm just chilling with Mom. I got her air conditioners put in the windows. Temps went from 55 yesterday to 85 today. Crazy. I've already had my obligatory White Castle and Henry's hot dog. We're off to the Polish grocery store this evening for sausage and pierogi. I should be on my way back to ABQ on Saturday.
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