Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Back in ABQ

I left Mom's on Saturday and pushed on to Hutchinson KS on my first night. It's a little shithole town, but it is just past the halfway point. I was greeted by a line of severe storms which I enjoyed with a glass of whiskey in the front of the motel. The action was 175 miles south at El Reno. Of course I immediately thought about allaboutweather.

The next morning I was greeted by a constant dull roar at about 5 a.m. I pulled back the curtains to see pounding rain, lightning, and non-stop thunder. Fortunately it was a small squall line and things cleared up by the time I left. There was tons of flooding all around. Most creeks were going apeshit. I guess it has been going on for the past several weeks.

I then hit thick fog near the KS/OK border. Fortunately traffic was light so it was no big deal. I rolled into the home driveway at about 3. I was greeted by a sudden downburst which only lasted a few minutes. During the 5 o'clock news they said there was a tornado spotted near Clayton. I had rolled through there about 5 hours earlier. I did see a mobile radar rolling down the road that morning, so the storm chasers were in the vicinity.

It's good to be back home. Mom is doing OK. Her legs are bothering her a little more and she can't walk all that far. Our little outing to the supermarket really wore her out, but she was happy for the adventure. We had lunch with her 2 brothers on Friday which also cheered her up. It was funny to hang out with my one uncle. He and I butted heads about 15 years ago after the death of my Dad. I guess he felt that he was the patriarch of the family and tried to dominate me. I basically told him to fuck off since I didn't need another father figure in my life. Now he's older and more mellow and I gained more maturity as well. We had a great conversation. I also impressed the hell out of him when I told him I planned on retiring in 2022. He was all "Go for it!" So hopefully Mom can stay independent until then. I love her greatly, but I just can't spend a lot of time living with her. Her hearing is shot and her TVs are all set to max volume. I have to shout to be heard above the din of the TV. Unfortunately her other brother told her that hearing aids were horrible, so she refuses to get one. *sigh* Her cooking skills have also deteriorated as well. She just doesn't like cooking any more. It shows. I have to encourage her to go out to eat so I don't have to eat her cooking. We'll see how she is when I plan on heading out there again in October.
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