Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A Bruisin' for Cruisin'

Last Thanksgiving Al, Dex, Scritch, Kitty, and I were sitting around reminiscing about the great time we had on the Panama Canal cruise which was over Christmas and New Years. Since we all get together for Thanksgiving anyway, maybe there was a cruise over Thanksgiving in '19 that we could all take. In seconds Kitty had her phone out and found a Celebrity Cruise to the southern Caribbean over the holiday. In minutes we all had our reservations. The one thing I didn't think about was the day the ship got back to port; the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Ouch! The worst travel day of the year! I came up with a plan that if airfares were $100 more to fly out on Sunday as opposed to Monday, we might as well stay over until Monday since the savings would be more than an extra night in a nice hotel.

I got a call from Al and Dex yesterday (always a pleasure!) and they booked their air travel since Southwest finally opened the reservation window for those dates. I checked the fares for flying out on that Sunday and it was ass rape without lube. Monday at least had some lube. They were flying out on Wednesday when fares were back to normal, or I may dare say, downright cheap. Since Kitty is in a new job, she can't afford to take off that much time, so we'll be flying back at ass crack of dawn on Tuesday. The fare difference was over $300, so 2 nights in a nice hotel is far cheaper.

I've also had some other bad experiences with airfares in the recent past. There's a financial conference in Kansas City in September. We drove to it last year, and it wasn't bad. But driving 12 hours is a bit of a drag, even with 2 people. I thought we could fly in and just rent a car. I know Southwest had 1 direct flight to KC. When I priced it out for both of us, it came out to about $1000. WTF?!? I decided to check American, and the fare was half that. So I haven't booked that trip yet. I'm hoping Southwest will come to its senses and offer fares like $100 each way per person. Now I know why I like to drive so much compared to flying.
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