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Saturday marked the ending of the 2018-19 theater season. The last musical was "Beautiful" which was the life story of Carole King. It was a "jukebox musical" in that all of the songs were previous-released hits just repackaged with a story. Think "Jersey Boys," and to a lesser extent "Mama Mia." Since King was a prolific songwriter in the 60's who scored a bunch of hits with her co-writer husband, there was a plethora of material to fill the musical bill. To add even more musical availability, their best friends were also song writers, so those tunes could be added as well. The show concludes with the release of her solo album "Tapestry" which ranks as one of the Top 100 albums of all time. So there's lots of familiar music to be heard. I'm still on the fence about the whole "jukebox musical" concept, but the show actually worked.

It wasn't even a complete "date night" since we had a big lunch earlier in the day and decided to just graze in the sponsors' lounge as our dinner. So now we await the arrival of our tickets for the 2019-20 season. We found out that "Hamilton" won't be here until '21. But we'll be one of the first "smaller" cities to get it.
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