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Thanks to everyone who gave the bear a call last night. I didn't get much done, but it was great to yerf with the likes of tenax, amaruk, carol_kitty, overzen, and raydofox who was driving through town, but I already had a drink, so no drivey for me. These calls were in addition to the one I got from albear that morning on his commute to work. This was in addition to the one I received from dexter_fox not too much later. I LOVE YOU GUYS! I wonder why my ear hurts?

I would also like to welcome a few new folks to my LJ. I see I was added by rjtremor based on many mutual friends. Not too tough when you have over 300!

*bear hug*

I added another local to the bunch. Welcome edthecabbit to my twisted little world. I had noticed his name when I was doing a check on potential furs in ABQ several months ago. I just wasn't too sure. Then I see him on furry_connect Ah-ha! Must be a furry!

And I see I had caught the eye of jedd_marten Since I don't pay that much attention to the furry art scene except at cons and such, the name didn't ring a bell. So I visited his website. WOW! Nice art! Good stuff! So I don't know what brought you into my neck of the woods, but you get a welcoming bear hug nonetheless.

I really love today's Dilbert". It would certainly boost my morale to get Kudos every day. *grin*

That's about it. You can probably tell I'm in a much better mood than the past few days. And I have Califur to look forward to in 2 days.
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