Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Date Weekend

We have not been immune to the heat that has been affecting the country, so it was another lazy weekend. On Friday we went to the Explora science museum for their "adults only' night. This allows you to play with all of the exhibits without dealing with rugrats. There were a couple of food trucks parked out front which allowed us to have a tasty dinner. The evening was OK. At least we got out of the house. The best part for me was hearing a lecture from a UNM astronomy professor who is a team lead in opening a sealed lunar sample that will be tested for volatile gases. I asked him why it took NASA 50 years to open the samples and he told me that they were thinking ahead and decided to wait a long time to see how science developed to do better analysis. I guess they thought now was a good time. I'm looking forward to our annual sci-fi convention next month since one of the guest speakers will be an Apollo astronaut (and geologist) who collected samples during one of the missions. He also just happens to be an ABQ resident.

On Saturday Kitty treated me to dinner at a place we haven't been to in years. It was the Melting Pot. Go ahead, albear, say it. "Fondue!" It's gotten a lot pricier, but it was a nice date night. We also left stuffed to the gills and couldn't even eat our chocolate course. We took it to go, and I'll have to fire up our old fondue pot.

We also watched "Mirai" which was the last nominee in the "Best Animated Feature" category last year. It was typical weird Japanese stuff with the mixing of spirits from the present and past as a little boy learns about his family. It got furry points when his dog becomes a human but he still has a tail. The little boy steals the tail, attaches it to his behind, and gets transformed into a dog. Good stuff, but only one small scene. We also started binging "Stranger Things 3" and have one episode to go.
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