Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Candygram For Mongo

Yesterday was Tuesday. That normally would mean that scritchwuff and I would be enjoying bourbon on the patio. Last night, however, our local brewtheater was having a retro night, and the film was "Blazing Saddles." Since it is a favorite movie of both of us, we headed off to the cinema instead of the patio. Kitty didn't have her choir practice, so she came along. So we enjoyed brewskis and a movie. It was great to see it on the big screen again. I think the last time I saw it in a theater was when I went with my dad for the 10th or 20th anniversary. It was one of his favorites as well. It took most of my will power to not recite the dialogue, and many times I failed. It was hard to get a feeling for the audience. Had they seen it before? How big of fans were they? I know I heard dialogue being recited elsewhere in the theater. Even though its 45 years old, it's still funny as hell.

Having seen it so many times, I tend to now concentrate on minute details. During the fight scene at the end, I see what each extra is doing. Of course no one is really beating the heck out of each other, so what are they doing? It's fun to watch all of the pushing and shoving or perhaps being hit with a foam rubber board. My favorite scene like that is from "Animal House." If you watch the very last scene as the riot is taking place, you see the street in utter chaos with smoke and debris everywhere. But there is one little old lady carrying a football banner running halfway across the street, turning, and running back. While she should be fleeing chaos, she's just happily running around.

I also have another bit of trivia from the movie. As the fight spills out of the Warner Brothers lot, there is a big poster for a movie on the studio wall. What movie was it? All I could see was that it starred Gene Hackman and Al Pacino. A quick check of IMDB reveals that the movie was "Scarecrow." I had never heard of this movie before, so now I want to add it to my queue. Unfortunately even Netflix doesn't have it.
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