Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

If You Beleive They Put A Man On The Moon

I had the great priviledge of hearing a lecture last night by Harrison Schmitt, a geologist on Apollo 17. That also makes him one of the last if not THE last man to walk on the Moon. He is a NM native and was asked to speak at our local sci-fi con. It was great to hear stories about his mission and especially to hear about the rocks he (and the other Apollo astronauts) collected. This fit in nicely with the other talk I heard a few weeks ago from a UNM geologist who will be analyzing some of the samples. I got to ask him how it felt to be so far from the lander as they ventured over 5 miles away. In hindsight it was a stupid question because of course NASA had lots of back-up-plans, but I did gain some insight because with the low gravity of the Moon, had the lander gotten stuck in deep dust, the 2 astronauts could have easily just picked the whole thing up.

Here's a pic of him now and then.
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