Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


I have really been enjoying the little C.U.N.T. gatherings that I had been having with scritchwuff. Of course that stands for C (see) U (you) (N)ext (T)uesday. Last week was slightly interrupted by going to see "Blazing Saddles," but this week were back on schedule with a meet at Scritch's where he cooked up some tasty chicken and garlic potatoes. Then it was time to kick back on the patio and yerf while enjoying a spectacular light show off to the west. There was a severe thunderstorm throwing off so much lightning it looked like London in 1941. Too bad it was 20-30 miles away. The radar went from red to pink to purple. I actually thought about hopping in the car and getting closer, but bourbon, both in my belly and in the bottle, compelled me to just sit back and enjoy from a distance. We eventually had a cell develop over us, but it was pretty wimpy in comparison. These Tuesday get togethers are good for the soul. It's just real human connection where the electronic devices are only used to provide tunes (and to check weather radar). Tuesday is such a depressing day to begin with. Having something to look forward to really improves overall morale.
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