Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Another Weekend

After the excitement of the tour, there was nothing I wanted more for the weekend than to do nothing. I think I succeeded. Outside of a few chores I just sat around outside and enjoyed the lovely weather. I did harvest all of the apples. I probably got a few dozen from both the honeycrisp and the Fuji. Unfortunately, there was a lot of fruit drop, so there were probably as many on the ground as I harvested. I think I have to deal with coddling moths, the most common pest to apples. Almost every apple had a small hole in it. As I cut open the apple there was a tunnel of rot leading to the core. The whole core was rotten, but the rest of the apple seemed fine. I cut out the rot and they were tasty. What also confused me was that I never found any seeds. Either they are very tiny, or the moth/worm ate the seed. *shrugs* All I know is that I can probably get a decent crop, but I have to me more proactive in terms of pest management.

I should also mention something I didn't post about in my last entry. After I came home from the field trip, you would think I would just want to crash. Nope. The Zoo was hosting its "Members' Night" so we went. They had free food which was tasty jerked chicken with beans and rice. Last year we sat in on the members' meeting, but we decided to skip it this year. We thought it was boring hearing about upcoming plans for the Zoo as well as everyone patting each other on the back for a job well done last year. Instead we decided to wander around the park without throngs of screaming kids. It was so nice to have some of the critters to ourselves. I even got a giraffe all yiffy. It hearkened back to the famous "LOL incident" at the LA Zoo when I started talking to a giraffe not knowing that Albear was filming the whole thing. I was saying something about "LOL Furries" and ended up singing "LOL" to the giraffe. This time I just stood there while the male giraffe walked over and started a courting ritual with me. He tried his darndest to extend his neck to me, but he was about 6' short. Then the air was filled with musk. I walked over to another small opening, and he followed me over and kept up his routine. I wished him a good night and went on my way. *sigh* The only other critter encounter was with a hyena. It was almost dark as we made our way through the Africa section, and I looked over at the hyena exhibit. There was a young hyena who spotted us and trotted over to the window. We stopped to say hello and he flopped on his back right in front of us as if to say "Belly rubs!!!" Unfortunately we couldn't oblige, but its sibling came over and started grooming him. It was so cute.

I think they must put most of the animals away for the night. We didn't see any of the great apes as we made our way to the exit. I must say that being alone in a zoo at night is quite an interesting feeling. I was surprised that we didn't see more people, but it definitely felt like we were the only ones there. A very unique perspective!
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