Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Another Not-so-lost Weekend

With the upcoming trip to visit Mom looming in the near future, I just wanted another chill weekend. And I got it. We had a good rain on Friday which caused thick fog on Saturday. It was weird being in completely sunny skies at home and then descending into gloom a few miles away as we got closer to the river. It caused the first day of Balloon Fiesta to be a bust. We did our shopping and returned home. I spent the rest of the day just tidying up.

That evening there was a furmeet for one of Kitty's friends but more importantly scritchwuff who crossed the magic 5-0 mark. Of course we celebrated with bourbon. We had a nice turnout. Rather than bother with grilling something we just ordered out for pizza. We got a fire going in the fire pit despite the damp wood. It was just a nice relaxed get-together.

The weather was so nice on Sunday that I brought the T.V. outside and watched football for most of the day. It's so nice to have that fall chill in the air. I have to watch the forecast carefully as we might even get freezing temps by the end of the week. That means hauling all of my plants to their winter home in the loft. Ugh.
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