Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Week Recap

When we last left the traveling bear, he was contemplating car repair. The Furmobile was ready on Tuesday. Mom and I drove to her brother's place a mile or so away from the dealer and had a visit. Afterwards Mom dropped me off at the dealer while she proceeded home on her own. I was nervous about that, but she made it home just fine, and, in fact, boosted her self-confidence greatly that she was able to make it home safely on her own with no drama. Me, on the other paw, had to deal with the car shop forgetting to do an oil change for me which cost me a wasted half hour. The good news was that they threw in the change for free. Oy! Kosher oil! Later in the afternoon my other uncle called up and said he had talked with his brother. Perhaps we could all get together for lunch the next day. Sweet!

On Wednesday Mom and I drove to the 2nd uncle's house and we had a nice visit. My other uncle and aunt showed up with my cousin, and we all had a nice lunch together. During my previous visit I discovered Pete's Market. They had a great selection of Polish food. Just by chance there was another Pete's right across the street from the restaurant. Mom and I headed over there after lunch and did some shopping. Their selection was not as good as the store we visited earlier. Oh well. I still managed to pick up some stuff.

On Thursday I picked up some stuff at Costco and hit up Binny's liquor store looking for Buffalo Trace whiskey. I was shut up again, but I did find a bourbon from the Buffalo Trace distillers that is specially made for Binny's. It will be sampled on an upcoming Tuesday. I also hit up another Pete's that was close to Mom's. There are a lot of Pollaks in the area, but their ethnic food selection was non-existent. *shrugs* Live and learn. Later in the afternoon I took Mom to Lassak's Polish Deli where I bought 10 lbs of sausage, lots of pierogi, pickles, and several types of Polish beer. I dropped almost $200 on Polish goodies.

Over the week I got a Facebook message from my old college roommate who heard from his wife, who was a Facebook friend, that I was in town. He invited me up to his place in the far northern suburbs. I had visited him several years ago and would love to see him again. I wasn't crazy about the drive, however, so I did a little research about taking the train. It turns out he only lives a few blocks from the station. So I tried something new and took the train up there. It was great! I wondered why I had never thought about that before! I then realized that it was all possible thanks to the Internet. How would one get a schedule for a train 20 years ago? Call up Metra? Go to Union Station and get a paper schedule? Now all the information is a click away. It was fast and easy.

My friend met me at the station and we went out for coffee. We chatted for over an hour and then went to lunch where we chatted some more. We caught up on all of life's events over the past 20 years as well as reminiscing about the 3 wild years we spent together. Soon it was time for me to get back on the train to head home. And now I'm typing all of this up on LJ while getting ready to hit the road for home tomorrow.
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