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I'm back in ABQ after a 2-day drive from Chicago. It's 1300 miles and I split it roughly 700/600. Ideally that should be about 750/550. In practical terms that means stopping around Topeka KS on the way out and Wichita KS on the way back. If I ever go back to the freeway route, that translates to Joplin on the way out and Tulsa on the way back. There was no vehicle drama on the drive back. The weather mostly cooperated except for a little rain in MO. I stayed at a very basic Days Inn on the way back with its only saving grace being that there was a delicious BBQ joint just down the street. The final leg of the trip was marred by stiff headwinds which sent my gas mileage plummeting.

I made it home just around 3 as planned. That allowed me to unpack and quickly get some chores done. The 2019-2020 theater season just started, and we had tickets to "Jesus Christ Superstar." We actually had tickets for Saturday, but I knew I wouldn't be home. We exchanged them for Sunday so off we went. I had never seen the show. Even when it was on TV earlier in the year I only caught a few minutes of it. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it. I had told Mom that I was going to see it and she told me that she and Dad went to see it when it first came out 50 years ago. Dad liked it. She not so much. I guess I still take after my father.
Tags: popejoy
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