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The Califur Report

Greetings from the Bear Den. I am currently staying at albear's den after spending the past few days at Califur, aka Confurence Reborn. I got to LA on Friday morning and was met by carol_kitty at the Fullerton train station. My ride on Amtrak was uneventful. I just basically read Harry Potter and slept during the 14-hour trip. After Carol picked me up we went out for breakfast since I was in dire need of caffeine. We made a Costco run for party supplies (aka alcohol) and then headed over to the hotel where the con was being held. We briefly hooked up with dexter_fox and albear, but then it was time to head over to LAX to pick up furahi who was flying in from Mexico City.

I had made a decision that I was going to fursuit LAX, security be damned. And so I did! And guess what....Nobody cared! I only did head and hand paws, but my identity was concealed, and we were not bothered by security one bit! So take note, fursuiters. It may be alright to attempt suiting at an airport to pick up furiends. And so we waited at the International terminal for an hour-and-a-half waiting for Furahi. I had a lot of fun greeting kids and squicking mundanes. The best comment was someone who just shrugged as I walked by and said, "Geez. Only in LA."

We picked up Furahi and headed back to Irvine. We made a quick stop and In-n-Out Burger where I treated Carol and Furahi to good old American hamburgers. Of course we were severely chastised at the hotel for not bringing anyone else a burger. It was then time to start the room party. And we partied hard! This was the greatest con moment as well as the suckiest. At one point we had over 20 people crammed into the room. For those old enough to remember the video, it looked like Huey Lewis' "Heart and Soul." It was wall-to-wall furs drinking and having a great time! And then...con security shut us down. The geniuses at the hotel had put a flight crew in the adjoining room and there were noise complaints. No matter how hard we tried to quiet things down, it never got down to an acceptable level, and so we were targeted for termination. A few of us stayed up and yerfed until after 3 am.

Saturday morning was lazy. We had breakfast at IHOP down the street. I them suited up as Sabot and ran around the con. People were starved for fursuiters, so I had a lot of pix taken of me. Later I suited up as Zunipup for the fursuit parade. There were not very many of us at all, but it was fun. Zuni was a major hit based on the number of "awwwwwwws" I heard as I entered rooms. Posing for pics by the pool was a blast! I will post pics later.

We recieved news that room parties were going to be strictly monitored to avoid noise complaints. It really took the wind out of our sails to host another rockin' party. A group of us headed to a Mexican restaurant down the street for dinner. It was here where we had the best squicks of the con. czar_wolfhound had purchased a book entitled "The Encyclopedia of Bizzare Sexual Practices." And, yes, it covered a whole wide range of topics. Well....Czar forgot the book at the table. The restaurant found it and set it aside for him. When we picked it up today, we were met by a giggling hostess and a manager who gave us a look like, "don't you ever come back to our establishment ever again!" Whoot!

The Cabaret follwed our Mexican dinner. It got pretty boring, so we didn't return after intermission. A small group of us had a few drinks in the room, but we all pretty much crashed.

Today was another fairly late start. We packed the cars and just hung out. We enjoyed another wonderful squick when a group of young girls in the Hilton next door began cat calling to Dexter who was wearing his ears and tail. One of the comments was "Hey! Cute Foxy!" So Dex proceeded to plant a big wet kiss on Albear. The girls quickly disappeared back into their room.

There was lots more just hanging around the hotel until we decided to head over to the Bear Den and then out to dinner at the Wood Ranch Restaurant in The Grove shopping area. After dinner we strolled around the shops until we eventually made it back to the Den. So now Al and Dex are returning Czar to his house, Carol is crashed on the futon, and I'm typing LJ. Overall it wasn't that great of a con. It was basically a glorified furmeet for SoCal furs. But I did meet some cool new people and got to hang out with some of my dearest furiends. So overall, it was a good time.
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