Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

More Oscar Addiction

I have documented here in LJ my quest to watch every Best Picture Oscar-winning film. Mission accomplished. I am now working my way through Best Picture nominees. As I mentioned in that post, that might take awhile just from the sheer number of movies to be watched (91 years x at least 5 nominees per year) plus the availability (or lack thereof) of all of those movies. I have now taken on a new task. Watch all of the Oscar-nominated animated shorts. This is only possible with the help of YouTube and other video services. I've only been through a few years in the 60's so far, but it has been quite interesting. It's hard to believe that Speedy Gonzales, Sylvester the Cat, and the Roadrunner have all been nominated for Oscars. Of course there are Disney nominees as well. I just watched "Goliath II" in which some scenes were later incorporated (in the storyline) of "The Jungle Book." There's also some wonderful cartoon vore in it. Even Goofy had a nominated film that I'm pretty sure I saw when watching "The Wonderful World of Disney" one Sunday night.

What I'm also finding interesting was something I had mentioned in one of my posts about seeing the animated shorts in the theater here, usually right before the Oscar telecast. I had mentioned that there seemed to be an anti-Disney/Pixar bias in the voting committee. That certainly hasn't been true over the past few years, but several years back I noticed that marginal movies were winning over the more highly-polished entrants from the major studios. That bias is certainly found in the shorts I have watched from the 60's. Some truly horrible movies have won when put up against the entries from Warner or Disney. I guess they were more artsy. I'll let you look up the movie "Moonbird" and rest my case.
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